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01 May 2024
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About FESA

FESA is the Federation of European Shogi Associations. FESA was founded on 26th August 1985.
FESA is a non-profit organization.


Shogi is a Japanese board game played by two players. It is played by 20 million people in Japan and a few thousand people outside of Japan. For rules of the game please take Pieter Stouten's Shogi.Net as a starting point or have a look at the wepages of the FESA member countries.


FESA is a federation of official national shogi organizations. FESA is responsible for organizing a yearly European Shogi Championship (ESC) and establishing and applying an Elo rating system.


FESA encourages the diffusion and development of the game of shogi among all nations of Europe. It may also offer support to all activities that tend to spread and popularize the game of shogi in Europe.


Board members

Frank Rövekamp

Pierre Alix

Mariusz Stanaszek


FESA bylaws


FESA rules and regulations


FESA data protection regulation 2024