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Last updated

17 Feb 2024
11:23 am

Player profile of: Maciej Pogorzelski

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2024-02-044 Kyu126826652 (40%)
2024-014 Kyu1303261296 (20%)
2023-074 Kyu1299232172 (11%)
2023-014 Kyu1355215256 (24%)
2022-074 Kyu1315190162 (12%)
2022-014 Kyu123217492 (22%)
2021-074 Kyu1261165113 (27%)
2021-014 Kyu124615481 (12%)
2020-074 Kyu1267146176 (35%)
2020-014 Kyu1255129155 (33%)
2019-074 Kyu12721143514 (40%)
2019-015 Kyu129279148 (57%)
2018-077 Kyu109465185 (27%)
2018-018 Kyu10644754 (80%)
2017-079 Kyu96142102 (20%)
2017-019 Kyu94932  
2016-079 Kyu94932104 (40%)
2016-0110 Kyu8922252 (40%)
2015-0712 Kyu83417176 (35%)
26680 (30%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
9th Three Kings Tournament, Wroclaw2024-01-061303-3585 
Poznan Shogi Open, Poznan, Poland2023-12-041219+8495 
10th Polish Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2023-11-111192+2745 
9th Wroclaw Shogi Open Championship, Wroclaw2023-10-071205-1364 
Open Polish Shogi Championship, Krakow2023-09-16 - 2023-09-171257-52167 
Shogi no Nami 2023, Wroclaw2023-08-121296-3994 
Shogi Tana Taikai, Wroclaw2023-07-081299-354 
Spring Shogi Tournament in Wroclaw, Wroclaw2023-04-011309-1043 
Hinamatsuri Shogi Tournament 2023, Wroclaw2023-03-041336-2765 
Valentine's Day Shogi Tournament 2023, Wroclaw2023-02-181370-3485 
January Tournament in Wroclaw, Wroclaw2023-01-061355+1564 
Santa Claus Shogi, Wroclaw2022-12-101335+2045 
8th Polish Independence Day Tournament in Wroclaw2022-11-111350-15105 
VIII Wroclaw Shogi Open2022-10-081374-2474 
10th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2022-09-10 - 2022-09-111388-14136 
Shogi Tana Taikai 2022, Wroclaw2022-07-091315+7345 
Hanami in Wroclaw2022-04-241311+474 
Hanimatsuri Shogi Tournament 20222022-03-051217+9446 
VIIth New Year Shogi Tournament2022-01-011232-1546 
7th Wroclaw Shogi Open 20212021-09-111244-1284 
September Tournament in Wroclaw2021-09-111261-17115 
Aozora Shogi Taikai 2021, Wroclaw2021-06-121264-343 
Hinamatsuri Tournament 20212021-03-061255+954 
VIth Three Kings Day Tournament 20212021-01-231246+944 
VII Independence Day Tournament 20202020-11-111251-544 
Turniej Siódemek - Shogi Tournament Wroclaw2020-07-051267-1674 
June Shogi League Tournament in Wroclaw - Spring 20202020-06-141271-443 
Hinamatsuri Tournament 2020 Wroclaw2020-03-081260+1154 
Inaugural Tournament of the Wroclaw Shogi League - Spring 20202020-02-091247+1345 
Wroclaw The New Year Tournament 20202020-01-051255-845 
Wroclaw Christmas Tournament2019-12-141245+1065 
Polish Independence Day Shogi Tournament in Wroclaw29-11-111287-4295 
6th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2019-10-191272+1565 
European Youth Shogi Championship 2019 Side Open Tournament, Wroclaw2019-06-29 - 2019-06-301310-38126 
June tournament in the Wroclaw shogi league, Wroclaw2019-06-161297+1345 
4th Shogi Hanami, Wroclaw2019-05-031331-3495 
April tournament in the shogi league in Wroclaw2019-04-071330+165 
4th Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2019-031298+32554 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League Spring 2019 inaugural tournament, Wroclaw2019-02-021289+954 
New Year Shogi Tournament, Wroclaw2019-01-051292-365 
Santa Claus Tournament, Wroclaw2018-12-081283+934 
3rd Shogi Nami Cup2018-10-131134+149455 Kyu
5th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2018-09-231094+4055 
Shogi Hanami, Wroclaw2018-05-201060+3446 
Handicap Tournament Group B, Wroclaw2018-02-041117-57107 
New Year's tournament, Wroclaw2018-01-071064+53957 Kyu
4th Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2017-11-12961+103758 Kyu
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2017, Wroclaw2017-02-04966-5105 
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-20172017-01-06949+1785 
1st NAMI Cup, Wroclaw2016-04-16929+20165 
Wroclaw Club New Year Tournament, Wroclaw2016-01-03892+37859 Kyu
2nd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2015-09-27834+5823510 Kyu
4th Polish Open Championship, Wroclaw2015-06-06 - 2015-06-07751+8327712 Kyu
Wroclaw Shoji Club Training Tournament, Wroclaw2015-05-09488+2635513 Kyu
New Year's Tournament, Wroclaw2015-01-06488* 95