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01 May 2024
8:32 pm

Player profile of: Karol Stanclik

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2023-011 Dan1756153  
2022-071 Dan1756153  
2022-011 Dan1756153  
2021-071 Dan1756153  
2021-011 Dan1756153  
2020-071 Dan1756153  
2020-011 Dan175615396 (66%)
2019-071 Dan174014411 (100%)
2019-011 Dan172614353 (60%)
2018-071 Dan1742138127 (58%)
2018-011 Dan1713126149 (64%)
2017-071 Kyu17031125334 (64%)
2017-012 Kyu1505592919 (65%)
2016-073 Kyu1402303018 (60%)
15397 (63%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Polish Independence Day Shogi Tournament in Wroclaw29-11-111753+345 
Wroclaw Shogi League in September and the 1st CAL Cup, Wroclaw2019-09-291740+1324 
Rated game in the Wroclaw Shogi Dojo, Wroclaw2019-01-131726+1491 
3rd Shogi Nami Cup2018-10-131742-1635 
7th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2018-04-28 - 2018-04-291719+2377 
New Year's tournament, Wroclaw2018-01-071713+635 
4th Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2017-11-121745-3245 
4th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2017-09-09 - 2017-09-101703+42391 Dan
European Youth Shogi Championship 2017 U-18, Wroclaw2017-07-22 - 2017-07-231688+1537 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-06-111619+6915 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo2017-06-091605+1421 
Drugi Turniej Shogi o Puchar ZSAPW, Wroclaw2017-05-281599+645 
Rated games in the Wroclaw shogi dojo, Wroclaw2017-05-051629-3083 
6th Polish Open Championship, Warszawa2017-04-22 - 2017-04-231597+321471 Kyu
2nd Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2017-04-091571+2645 
Wroclaw Shogi League 3-2017, Wroclaw2017-03-051597-2645 
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2017, Wroclaw2017-02-041588+935 
Tournament for beginners, Wroclaw2017-01-291588+0195 
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-20172017-01-061505+8325 
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2016, Wroclaw2016-11-111511-655 
Wroclaw Shogi League 1-2016, Wroclaw2016-10-301497+14352 Kyu
3rd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2016-09-24 - 2016-09-251440+5789 
1st Open Polish Youth Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2016-07-23 - 2016-07-241402+38310 
Pierwszy Turniej Shogi o Puchar ZSAPW, Wroclaw2016-06-191413-111253 Kyu
Shogi Hanami, Wroclaw2016-05-221398+1535 
1st NAMI Cup, Wroclaw2016-04-161422-242054 Kyu
Spring Shogi Tournament, Wroclaw2016-03-201388+3415 
Wroclaw Tournament for New Players, Wroclaw2016-02-201377+11155 Kyu
Wroclaw Club New Year Tournament, Wroclaw2016-01-031377* 45