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20 Feb 2023
8:02 am

Player profile of: Egor Pelipenko

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2023-03-194 Kyu13622022311 (47%)
2023-014 Kyu14031795640 (71%)
2022-076 Kyu11991236427 (42%)
2022-017 Kyu1132592922 (75%)
2021-0710 Kyu852302011 (55%)
2021-0113 Kyu78610104 (40%)
202115 (56%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Moscow Shogi Open Side tournament February blizzard, Moscow2023-02-251350+1235 
90th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-02-191358-823 
RGMU CUP-2023, Ryazan2023-02-181374-1645 
87th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-02-061365+913 
Lariks-2023, Main Tournament, Moscow2023-01-28 - 2023-01-291403-3897 
December Open, Tournament - A2, Moscow2022-12-041384+1944 
December Open - 2022, Tournament B1, Moscow2022-12-031367+1714 
84th Vadkovskiy tournament, Moscow2022-11-271333+3413 
XI Children's Open Shogi Championship (U14), Moscow2022-11-05 - 2022-11-061321+12274 Kyu
82nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-301285+3614 
80th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-241265+20145 Kyu
October Open B2, Moscow2022-10-161203+6216 
October Open B1, Moscow2022-10-151178+2534 
79th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-091205-2753 
Cup of Russia-2022, Moscow2022-09-24 - 2022-09-251178+27133 
Cup of Russia-2022 Children's tournament, Moscow2022-09-241182-425 
Vladimir-Open 2022 - A, Suzdal2022-08-13 - 2022-08-141192-10116 
Vladimir-Open 2022 - B, Suzdal2022-08-121199-7173 
I Sinelnikov Memorial, Moscow2022-05-221160+3974 
TORA Club Tournament, Moscow2022-05-141163-395 
77th Vadkovskiy tournament, Moscow2022-05-131156+733 
Aprelskiy Drakon, Moscow2022-04-301182-2695 
TORA Club Tournament - A, Moscow2022-04-161200-18125 
Moscow Shogi Championship 2022, Moscow2022-04-02 - 2022-04-031217-17217 
74th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-03-201220-343 
TORA Club Tournament, Moscow2022-03-121222-2115 
Moscow Shogi Open - 2022 - A, Moscow2022-02-231202+2065 
73rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-131186+1623 
72nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-121158+2823 
Lariks-2022, Moscow2022-01-29 - 2022-01-301161-398 
66th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-01-211171-10436 Kyu
Vadkovsky-45, Moscow, Moscow2021-12-261132+3965 
X Children's Open Shogi Championship (U12), Moscow2021-12-11 - 2021-12-121067+65357 Kyu
63rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-11-281047+2024 
Tournament in the club Terra, Moscow2021-11-271016+3143 
62nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-11-12985+31238 Kyu
60th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-24977+832 
59th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-17943+34139 Kyu
57th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-10886+5713 
Cup of Russia-2021, Moscow2021-09-25 - 2021-09-26852+34156 
53rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow 2021-04-10837+152310 Kyu
50th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-03-30828+923 
48th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-03-28825+313 
Moscow shogi Open 2021, Moscow2021-02-21815+1010511 Kyu
45th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-02-15796+192312 Kyu
41th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-01-26786+1033 
December Open 2020, Moscow2020-12-12757+299513 Kyu
IX Children's Open Shogi Championship (U18), Moscow2020-11-07757* 95